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The requirement to wear a mask at Holland Bloorview for all aquatic staff, swimmers and families will not be changing for the foreseeable future.


Adult Lessons

Our fabulous instructors can help you meet your swimming goals.

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As the Adult swim program operates within the hospital at Holland Bloorview, we continue to follow health and safety measures.

As such, the following changes have been made to our Winter schedule:

  • Masking is a requirement throughout the hospital (in pool changerooms and on deck)
  • Holland Bloorview is moving to a passive screening. If you are experiencing any symptoms, have had an exposure to COVID or are pending a COVID swab please do not come to the pool. 
  • Whenever possible, arrive with your bathing suit on under your clothes to help restrict the number of people needing to use the change rooms.

It’s never too late to learn! Whether you’re new to the pool or just looking for some tips to improve your swimming; our fabulous instructors can help you meet your swimming goals.

Have you always wanted to learn to swim but just didn’t know how to get started? Can’t stand cold water? Want to keep up with your children (or grandchildren!) in the pool? Whether you’re new to aquatics or just want some tips to make your swimming more efficient, our fabulous instructors can help you reach your personal swimming goals. Our warm water and low swimmer: instructor ratios make learning faster and more comfortable. Small group or private lessons based on demand. Register for the level that’s most appropriate for you!

Adult Level One  - register in this level if you are completely new to swimming or you can already swim the width of a pool using any combination of arms and legs, on your front or back

Adult Level Two – register in this level if you are already able to swim a width of the pool on your front and back (kicking only), 2 widths of front crawl, 15 m without stopping (any stroke) AND you are comfortable to begin swimming in deeper water

Adult Level Three - register in this level if you are already able to swim 15 m front crawl, 15 m kicking on your back, 25 m without stopping (any stroke) and 20 surface support (floating or treading) in deep water

Class Size & Length

There are up to 4 participants per level. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Adult Lessons – Winter Schedule

ThursdayJanuary 12 to March 9, 2023 
Level 17:30pm-8:15pm$297.00 + HST
Level 27:30pm-8:15pm$297.00 + HST
Level 37:30pm-8:15pm$297.00 + HST

                           Online registration begins Monday December 5 at 6:30pm.



Pool Contact Information
Pool Contact Information