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The Family Support Fund offers financial support to Holland Bloorview families during a time of transition or stress. It may support a client’s respite needs, equipment, recreation and life skills programs, modifications to home or car, medications or other medical needs experienced during their journey.

Decisions are based on how the funding will impact the client’s physical safety, wellness and overall impact on the family and the family’s financial need.

Dear clients, families, staff and community partners,

Due to COVID-19 there were extraordinary financial demands placed on the Family Support Fund in the past 7 months. In order to be able to continue supporting our clients and families until the end of the fiscal year i.e. March 2021, we have made the extremely difficult decision to pause the fund for the months of November and December 2020.  

During this time that the Family Support Fund is unavailable, we will be reviewing our process so that we can come back and support our clients and families in the New Year. 

As a result we will not be accepting any new application forms for the Family Support Fund between November 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021. The Family Support Fund will continue to review and make decisions on all applications already received, and will continue to receive new applications until October 30 at 4pm. The Family Support Fund will resume accepting new applications on January 1, 2021 at 8 am.

Please continue to look for updates on this page.

The Family Support Fund Team looks forward to resuming accepting new applications on January 1, 2021 at 8 am.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support.

The Family Support Fund Team

During this time here are some resources that might be helpful:
  1. Paperwork Parties– This is a funding navigation workshop for caregivers to learn about government and private funding options, and receive support to fill out associated application forms. These sessions will be resuming in November. A virtual workshop schedule will be released and posted on the Holland Bloorview website. 
  2. Family Support Specialists – Families can partner closely with a skilled Family Support Specialists for personalized consultation and connection to resources that meet their needs.  All clients and families can book a consult by emailing
  3. Funding and Financial Supports GuideThis guide was created by the hospital’s Family Support Specialists. It lists and describes a range of government and community funding sources, eligibility criteria, and application instructions
  4. Social Planning Toronto – This webpage includes food banks and essential supports for the City of Toronto
  5. 211 Ontario– The 211 program can help Ontarians with other emerging COVID-19 related needs, or needs brought on by the pandemic
  6. Financial Relief NavigatorThisportal provides Canadians with clear, easy-to-navigate information on all COVID-19 emergency relief available from federal/provincial governments and major banks, credit unions, utilities and telephone/internet providers


The infographic document is a must read document before submitting an application. This infographic covers what you can expect from the Family Support Fund process.



To submit your application please:

Fax to: 416-425-6376
Mail to:
C/O Family Support Fund
150 Kilgour Rd
Toronto, ON
M4G 1R8

Respite Worker Claim Form 

For respite/childcare application, this document can be used as a support worker invoice