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PARENT TIPSHEET: Writing a Funding Letter

This tip sheet can be used to assist with writing a funding letter or application

Quick Tips:

  • Most funders/charities have application forms that can be found online
  • A letter can provide more details to support your request and gives a bigger picture of your child’s life
  • Say what you need very clearly and the reason why you need it
  • If there is a sample letter on the funder’s/charity’s website, use it as a guide
  • If what you need funding for is urgent, an emergency, or you need it for safety reasons, always make sure to state this first

Section 1: Short Introduction

  • Include the date
  • Refer to the name of the organization/charity
  • Include the reason why you need the funding
  • Your relationship to organization/charity who is asking for assistance
    • Perhaps you have a relationship with them
    • Perhaps your child has the relationship with them

Section 2: Description of your child

  • Tell your child’s story
  • Make it clear and simple
  • Avoid medical language if the organization/charity is not familiar with it
  • Include a positive note about your child
  • What does your child like to do?
  • What is your child good at?

Section 3: What you are asking for and why?

  • The funding is for: equipment, therapy, modifications, program, etc.
  • Give the specific name of what is needed
    • Seat for the bathtub
    • Music therapy program
  • Refer to recommendations by doctor, therapists, or other health care providers
    • You can include an additional supporting letter or contact information from a health care provider
  • How this will help your child? How will this impact your child in a positive way?
  • Will it help your child participate in things that he/she enjoys?
  • Will it encourage your child to be more active?
  • Will it be a life-changing experience for your child?
  • Will it be a necessity to their everyday life?

Section 4:  How much do you need to pay?

  • Include the specific cost of the equipment or program
  • Is it covered by any other programs?
    • Say what other sources you have approached
    • Say if it is not covered by other sources or if you have exhausted other sources of funding
  • Say how much you can pay (if any)

Section 5: Your situation now

  • How is your situation affecting this expense?
    • Does your family have other major expenses?
    • Does your family have more expenses than the average family?
    • Does your family have to pay for other services?
    • Do you have other family members (e.g. siblings, other children, older parents, etc.) who depend on you for support?
    • Note the supporting documents you are including along with your letter (below)

Section 6: Other things to include

  • Photo of your child and/or a photo of the equipment/service needed
  • Copy of the estimate or quote
  • Recommendation letter from a doctor/therapist/health care provider
  • How the funder can contact you (phone/email/either)

Last updated by a Family Support Specialist in April 2018

Sample letter for private charity (e.g. Lion’s Club)

January 24, 2018
Ms. Someone, President
Local Service Club
1234 Ontario Road
My City, ON M6R 1T8


Dear Ms. Someone:

I am writing to [Charity/Organization Name] to ask for help to buy a special bath seat for my 9 year old daughter, Janie.  

Janie loves the water and bath time.  As she was born with multiple disabilities, she is not able to hold her body in place, walk, or use her arms.  She does not speak. Janie depends on someone else to help her with all activities like personal care, dressing, eating and playing.  Janie is growing quickly. She is now 27 kg and very tall. Since Janie is not able to sit by herself, she will tighten her whole body, if she feels unsafe.  Bathing Janie has become dangerous. It is more and more difficult to provide personal care.

To keep her safe while giving her a bath and to avoid hurting ourselves, while helping her, the physiotherapist at [Hospital or Health Centre Name] has suggested a special seat for the bathtub.  When Janie trialed this bath seat in warm water, she was able to relax her body, enjoy her bath, and help me by keeping still.

This bath seat is expensive.  It costs [$dollar amount].  Government programs do not fund this equipment.  We do not have insurance to cover the costs; therefore we must pay for it ourselves.

This is a difficult time.  There are other costs too. Our family income is just a little higher than what is allowed to use government programs for Janie’s expenses.  My daughter takes her food through a tube, so she needs a special canned formula. She needs a larger car seat to keep her safe in the car. Recently, we built ramps to the front and the back of our house to allow Janie in and out of the house.  Since she has grown, she is getting a new wheelchair.

I hope that the [Charity/Organization Name] will be able to help my family buy this bath seat.  Any assistance you could offer would be appreciated. I have included the letter of recommendation from the therapist, a photo of the bath seat and a copy of the estimate.  If I can give you more information, please call me at work during the day or at home in the evening.

Thank you in advance considering this request.



Janie’s Mom

647–111–1111 (home) / 647–222–2222 (work) /