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Luiza Lamah

Luiza Lamaj

Registered Practical Nurse

Luiza is currently a Registered Practical Nurse currently working in the LTC sector, with over two years of experience working in the healthcare setting. She is a BSc (Honours) candidate in Biomedical Sciences at Ryerson University.

The HB Alumni Network allows for individuals to share their experiences (both positive and negative) of living with a disability. As a former HB alumni (client, volunteer, student, employee), I wanted to reconnect with the HB community, and be able to share my insight from navigating paediatric and now adult services; as well as being on the other side by working within the heath care . The medical diagnoses for some of these children, and youth do not disappear after they turn 18, so it is important for society to help bridge the gap. The HB Alumni Network, is doing just that.

Join the HB Alumni Network

Join me in the Youth Leader group in the HBAlumni Network. I’ll be there to welcome you.