Donor Spotlight

Thanks to our generous donors, Holland Bloorview Foundation grants millions of dollars each year to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

The donors highlighted below are just a small snapshot of the people helping kids with disabilities receive the best care possible, while accessing innovative technologies and stimulating quality of life programs to help them realize their unlimited potential.

MedEvac Canada is honoured to provide charitable transportation services to Holland Bloorview

One of the owners of the company was a former patient at Holland Bloorview back in 2001. He personally saw the passion and love from all the employees and volunteers at Holland Bloorview. While we contribute to other charities as well, Holland Bloorview is closest to our heart. 

Elpida Gala – an autism fundraiser like no other

The Elpida Gala started small, attracting mainly family and friends, but in three short years the event has caught fire and now attracts business leaders and local politicians who are committed to helping kids with autism

Canada Post makes a special delivery

Canada Post has put its stamp on helping youth with disabilities by giving a generous gift to The Independence Program (TIP) at Holland Bloorview.


A teenager’s musical gift
Daniel, a generous Grade 8 student at The Toronto Heschel School, spent $1,000 of his own money to help Holland Bloorview continue to give kids with disabilities the chance to be expressive and creative through music.

Chair, fundraiser, donor – Jason Smith’s triple play
After Jason's son received care at Holland Bloorview, it sparked his journey to give back to Holland Bloorview. He's spent the last 6 years on Holland Bloorview's Board of Directors, 3 of which he has been chair, helping to make a difference around unique fundraising strategies

Getting the dirt on Tough Mudder fundraising
Sean Peacocke doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Last month, he launched himself down a mountainside, taking part in his very first “Tough Mudder” race.It would be completely accurate to say he raised $1,500 for Holland Bloorview Foundation through blood, sweat and tears.

Pediatric stroke gives parents new perspective
After their son Aaron suffered a stroke at 14, Wes and Lisa Roitman were committed to his full recovery. While Aaron’s stroke was a traumatic life-changing event for the entire family, Wes and Lisa have gone out of their way to give back, making a donation of $100,000 to Holland Bloorview.

Holland Bloorview’s sensational sister act
Helping kids at Holland Bloorview through music has really struck a chord with three sisters. Orli Silverberg and her younger sisters, Arielle and Eden, have used their violins to make the kids of Holland Bloorview smile, laugh and even dance. And most recently, they’ve put bow to string to raise funds for the hospital.

The fabulous fundraising five-year-old
Just over a year ago, Rhea's parents wondered if she would recover from a rare condition called acute necrotizing encephalitis (ANE) that caused her to go into a coma and led to severe brain damage. Today, the happy and healthy five-year-old has discovered her passion for fundraising.

Transforming transition for youth with disabilities
David and Lynn have been working with Holland Bloorview for over a decade to help youth with disabilities make a smoother and easier transition to adulthood

SportFIT helps Emma bounce back
At SportFIT kids and youth like Emma benefit from an intensive therapy experience that’s fun, motivating and inclusive thanks to funding from the Milos Raonic Foundation. 

Donors generosity leads to easing anxiety
Thanks to a gift made by Jim and Mary Davie, Dr. Azadeh Kushki (left) has the chance to explore new technologies that could make a profound impact in how kids with autism manage their anxiety.

Runner makes big strides to help Holland Bloorview 
Running has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted, don’t run because it’s easy – I run because it’s not.” Ashleigh channeled her determination to raise funds for Holland Bloorview, by also thinking about some of the kids' stories.

Uber picks up Holland Bloorview as new partner
Uber announced a $10,000 donation to the hospital as well as donating $1 from every uberWAV and uberASSIST ride for the month of May – services designed to help riders with accessibility needs get where they need to go.

Jason's Journey 
When Jason first came to Holland Bloorview for his son, he had no idea that it would lead him to giving back and sitting on the board--in hopes of raising awareness for kids with disabilities.

LEGO Partnership Stacks Up
Displayed proudly in the hall of Holland Bloorview is a mural made up of a remarkable 54,000 LEGO pieces. It is also a reminder of the smile and fun as kids, hospital and LEGO Canada staff worked together to bring this mural to life.

Marlee's birthday fundraiser
After being a patient, three-year-old Marlee was able to give back to Holland Bloorview while also celebrating her birthday in style with help from her mom, Irene. 


Bay Street Children’s Foundation celebrates 20th year
The annual Bay Street Pro-Celebrity Softball Challenge is set to raise another $250,000 for Holland Bloorview.


Scotiabank continues to support Holland Bloorview's Change for Kids Campaign
Knowing first-hand the impact childhood disability can have on a family, Scotiabank Branch Manager Susan MacDonald is especially proud that Scotiabank helped make this initiative possible.

Bill and Susanne put the "Holland" in Bloorview
In the past 10 years, Bill and Susanne Holland have donated an unprecedented $26.2 million to the hospital, making the Holland Family the single largest contributor to childhood disability in Canada.

Elpida Gala – an autism fundraiser like no other

The Elpida Gala started small, attracting mainly family and friends, but in three short years the event has caught fire and now attracts business leaders and local politicians who are committed to helping kids with autism