Meet Janelle
Janelle, who has cerebral palsy, is pretty tough.
“She’s got grit, persistence, and a lot of spirit,” said
her dad, Jason. “She’s also super smiley and funny.”

Meet Rhea
A healthy, energetic pre-schooler, Rhea’s seemingly
harmless flu caused her to develop acute necrotizing
encephalitis (ANE), a rare condition.

Meet Junayd
Every time Alifa explains Junayd’s diagnosis to
people they meet, her wish is always that she doesn’t
get ‘that look’. ‘That look’ involves a sudden change in
facial expression, to one of pity and sadness.

Meet Mia
Lena remembers getting to know her daughter, Mia,
one word at a time. “She had maybe a dozen words,
including ‘hi, bye, ya (for Yes), Mommy, Daddy,
’ and ‘uh’ (for up),” said her mother Lena.

Meet Andrew
Andrew arrived at Holland Bloorview in March of that
year and was an in-patient for two months. “At first
it was scary,” said Andrew. He missed school, his
friends, “everything about not being at home.”

Meet Nikoletta
If Holland Bloorview’s walls could talk, they would
take you on a journey of childhood memories, and
Nikoletta's would be among them.  

Meet Lexin
Lexin has just successfully completed her co-op
placement with Holland Bloorview’s Foundation, as
part of the Leading the Way program.

Meet Carson
Over the last five years, Cathyanne has witnessed
her son Carson’s wonderful transformation. Through
services like speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational
therapy, music therapy, she’s watched him blossom.

Meet Camilo
If you meet three-year-old Camilo and he likes you,
he might ask you for a high ten.  That’s right, you
had better raise both hands, because two hands
are coming your way. 

Meet Abigail
Abigail was just like most kids her age — active,
fun-loving and full of spunk. That’s why it was such
a devastating shock to her family when she
suffered a stroke.

Meet Penelope
Penelope has a genetic disorder that's so rare, that
she's one of the few in the entire world with her
particular gene deletion.

Meet Maria
When 12-year-old Maria took the stage
at Holland Bloorview Rocks, her mom, Elena, held
her breath for a moment. Elena never imagined she
would be watching her daughter perform in a rock concert.

Meet Arthur
Arthur was two months old when he was first admitted to
hospital where he had to undergo four surgeries.
The cardiac arrest happened soon after the fourth operation.

Meet Alessandra
“People sometimes say, ‘She’s so happy!’ like they’re 
surprised, as if she shouldn’t be happy because she has
a disability,” said Jolane.   
Jolane also wants others to
know that a diagnosis of cerebral palsy affects every child
in a different way – there’s a wide spectrum.

Meet Maria
“My disability doesn’t define me,” she stressed.
“Yes, it’s a part of me, but that doesn’t shape me as
a person…I pull all-nighters to finish my assignments
just like you.”
- Maria


Meet Audrey & Daphne
“Daphne and Audrey both have very giving natures.
Daphne is the first person in our family to share anything.
She will give, even if she wants something."

Meet Levi
Today, he’s a virtual maestro, making and leading
music, growing with confidence, and showing the
restorative power of music therapy.  

Meet Vance
Ten years have passed and Vance is now 23. He
has a condition called Moyamoya. It’s a rare disorder
caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain.

Meet Andrew
Andrew is a former Holland Bloorview client who
credits the hospital with giving back his life, and
helping him get back on his board to compete in the
sport he loves.

Meet Maddy
Maddy was often seen walking through her high school
halls with ear plugs or sunglasses. No, she wasn’t trying
to be cool or make a fashion statement.

Meet Jillian
When asked if she will continue to be vocal about
changing the perception of kids with disabilities, she
leaned forward and said in a very confident tone,
"You are very correct."

Meet Noah
Today, two-year-old Noah is in remission and over the
past 18 months his mother, Ivona, has watched him
transform from a shy withdrawn baby into a happy,
active, independent and social toddler. 

Meet Malakhai and Nathaniel
When Malakhai talks about his brother Nathaniel, what
he enjoys talking about most is shared experiences and
memories, things they like to do together.

Meet Gabriella
Though it was ten years ago, Holland Bloorview Social
Worker Gabriella Carafa can still remember hearing the
door close in her apartment, and the feeling of sheer
panic that followed. 

Meet Lauryn
Get up and Go program helps teen move from pain
to possibilities. 


Meet Cristina 
There was a time I wanted to give up on living. And
I hadn’t even turned 18. I wanted to throw in the towel,
but Holland Bloorview wouldn’t let me.  

Meet The Cosgroves
We are a single parent family of four. All of the kids
are unique people who are developing in their own
special way. 

Meet Dominic
Dominic Cozzolino scored on his very first shot in sledge
hockey – how’s that for a sign?

Meet Eric
"It's time to move from autism awareness to autism
acceptance." s
ays Eric's mom, Sharon.


 "It's time to move from autism awareness to autism acceptance."

Meet Alison
Alison first came to Holland Bloorview when she was
six months old and essentially grew up with the hospital.
Some of her first memories are splashing around in the
hospital’s warm pool.

Meet Remy
When you have a concussion, you look like you're
fine. But you're not.

Meet Sydnee
"We didn't know it was possible for children to have
a stroke. 
I don’t think anyone we knew thought it was
possible." - Sydnee's parents.

Meet Matthew
In January, twelve-year-old Matthew tried to read a 
flyer on a bulletin board. He tried to focus but 
something was wrong. 

Meet Gavi
"She’s super sweet, funny, smart, creative and
emotionally sophisticated. She can also be sassy,
and a pain in the butt if she wants to be." - Gavi's dad.

Meet Alessia
Fifteen-year-old Alessia feels like she’s living in a bubble  
a bubble she can’t wait to burst. 

Meet Emma
Emma wants to be a photographer one day and use
a lens to show the world what she sees. 

Meet Jadine
Sometimes people look at me and
they only see the wheelchair. They don’t see the real person.

Meet Jacqueline
While her confidence at school is set to soar,
Jacqueline’s confidence in herself is already solid.
“She’s kind, but she also stands up for herself and others."

Meet Zach
Zach's always looking for the positive. He has his
down days like any kid with a disability, but 99 per cent
of the time, he’s up for some fun.

Meet Gabbie 
It takes her longer to learn and do things like pick up 
a paint brush or kick a ball. These simple activities 
that most kids take for granted are harder for Gabbie 
– but not impossible.

Meet Selina
Selina's parents travelled from Trinidad to Toronto so 
that Selina could receive care at Holland Bloorview.

Meet Nicholas
Constable Joe McDougall’s son, Nicholas, has spent
20 of his 23 years at Holland Bloorview.

Meet Hayden 
“When you navigate around the city as a disabled
person you have to think about things other people
don't think about”

Meet Wesley
I remember when Wesley couldn’t roll over, couldn’t
walk, couldn’t move.

Meet Fei
Music has turned Fei from a little shy boy into 
a confident young man.

Meet Payton
At 21 months, I didn't even know if Payton could
say one word.

Meet Omar
Meet Omar, a Holland Bloorview ambassador and spreader of good