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Teaching and Learning Day (open to Holland Bloorview staff only)

Teaching and Learning Day is an internal event which is held annually for faculty development and staff recognition at Holland Bloorview. Teaching and Learning Day provides opportunities to celebrate teaching, develop skills as educators and engage with the teaching and learning community at Holland Bloorview. The Teaching and Learning Institute Recognition Awards are presented at this event.

Faculty Development Events

The Teaching and Learning Institute holds faculty development events throughout the year.

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Teaching and Learning Institute Recognition Awards

The Teaching and Learning Institute Recognition Awards are handed out annually at the Teaching and Learning Institute Day and recognize staff contribution to the academic agenda. Awards are handed out in the following categories:

  • Spirit of Education
  • Excellence in Clinical Education
  • Excellence in Interprofessional Education
Past award winners
  • Spirit of Education Award:

    Nick Reed, Clinician Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute

  • Excellence in Clinical Education

    Anne Kawamura, Physician, Medicine

  • Excellence in Collaborative Education

    Brain Injury Rehab Team

  • Spirit of Education Award:

    Erin Wilkie, Therapeutic Recreation and Life Skills,
    Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

  • Excellence in Collaborative Education Award:

    Nick Joachimides, Quality, Safety and Performance, Manager of Patient Safety

  • Spirit of Education Award:

    Kim Moody, Child Development Program, Physiotherapist

  • Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award:

    Kim Bradley, Collaborative Practice Leader

  • Excellence in Collaborative Education Award:

    Lorry Chen, Complex Continuing Care, Dietitian

  • Spirit of Education Award:

    Janice Hansen, Child Development Program, Psychologist

  • Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award:

    Centralized Equipment Pool Education Team: Anne-Marie Renzoni, Occupational Therapist, Tracy Sheppard, Education Coordinator and Nahum Sloan

  • Excellence in Interprofessional Education Award:

    Chitra Gnanasabesan, Complex Continuing Care, Respiratory Therapy Coordinator

Brain Injury Family Intervention for Adolescents (BIFI-A)

Training for professionals

BIFI-A is internationally recognized and was designated Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada in 2014.

BIFI-A Award Winners

This two day training program was developed to help professionals learn skills in family assessment, engagement, intervention and implementation of BIFI-A. Findings from an outcome evaluation of our two day training for professionals show statistically significant improvements in participants’ ratings of knowledge, confidence and skills in family intervention after ABI. For more information, check out the brochure from the last session.


Developed by researchers at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, this structured family system intervention is designed to facilitate adjustment for adolescents (13 to 19 years) with acquired brain injury and their family members. BIFI-A incorporates a broad curriculum, comprised of multiple components: education, emotional support and skill building. The BIFI-A intervention manual incorporates a detailed step-by-step protocol, treatment implementation procedures and guidelines for effective clinical implementation over twelve sessions.

  1. Assessment
  2. What happens after brain injury? / Common changes after brain injury
  3. Brain injury happens to the whole family
  4. Being a teen and achieving independence
  5. Emotional and physical recovery are two different things
  6. Coping with loss and change
  7. Managing intense emotions
  8. Managing stress and taking care of self
  9. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and tracking progress
  10. Learning patience and solving problems
  11. School, transitions and preparing for adulthood
  12. Wrap-up

Next training session: April 4 & 5, 2019

If you wish to be notified when registration opens for the 2019 session, please email your request to be added to our mailing list to


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For further information about BIFI-A training, please contact:

Caron Gan, RN, MScN, RP, AAMFT Clinical Member & Approved Supervisor

Advanced Practice Nurse/Family Therapist, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team
Clinical Team Investigator, Bloorview Research Institute
Tel: 1.800.363.2440 x3514 Fax: 426.424.3880