Donate your birthday in support of Holland Bloorview

Holland Bloorview Foundation and ECHOage are working together to give kids and parents a new way to celebrate birthdays. With our birthday party program, kids learn that giving back is fun and easy, while choosing one gift that they really want.

How does it work?

Rather than bringing presents to your party, guests are invited to make an online financial gift through ECHOage. Half of the money will go to Holland Bloorview Foundation to help kids with disabilities, and the other half is given to the birthday kid to buy their dream present. The charitable portion of your gift will receive a tax receipt. ECHOage handles all the details - free online invitations, an RSVP tracker, thank-you notes and more. Holland Bloorview can provide bookmarks for the loot bags at your party and will send a photo or certificate to the birthday child as a thank you.

It is fun for kids, easy on parents and a great way to help kids with disabilities. For more information on our ECHOage birthday program please call Alison at 416-425-6220 x x3638 or email at ahughes@hollandbloorview.ca

To get started and host a birthday in support of Holland Bloorview Foundation, visit our page on the ECHOage website.

What kids are saying

“For my birthday yesterday I donated half of my gifts to charity. I donated money to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. This made me feel really good to help kids with disabilities. I picked Holland Bloorview because I know lots of the kids there and it was extra special to help my friends with my donation.”

– Zoey, age 7

What parents are saying

“My daughter, Lauryn, is a patient of Holland Bloorview. She is a lower arm/hand amputee and all of her prosthetics have been lovingly made by the amazing team there. This year we felt it was important to give back as I am trying to instill this important value in their lives. The portion of money that Lauryn receives from the party will go toward the new bike she will be getting in the spring along with her new prosthesis with bike attachment. This would not be possible without Holland Bloorview!”

– Karen, Lauryn’s mom

"Sophie comes to Holland Bloorview for many services and is in Grade 1 at the Bloorview School. In Sophie's quest to help make the world a better place, she wanted to give back to Holland Bloorview, the special place that she owes a great deal, so she donated half of the proceeds of her birthday party. Sophie will go to a community school next year and she is ready to take on this challenge because of what Holland Bloorview has done for her!"

– Amanda, Sophie’s mom


"Archer had a great time at his ECHOage birthday. It was extra special because in addition to getting the WiiU he wanted for over a year, this year, through the generosity of all of Archer's friends, he was able to give back to Holland Bloorview. HB is one of Archer's favourite places in the city and he wants to make sure that other kids continue to be able to enjoy it too. This is a fantastic program and Archer wants to tell other kids to donate for their next birthday too!"

– Christina, Archer's mom


"Our youngest daughter, Penelope, has a rare chromosome disorder which has resulted in physical and developmental disabilities. She comes to Holland Bloorview for services and therapy and she went to the babies program at the nursery school as well. We have seen first-hand the important work done at Holland Bloorview. Penelope has made many gains with the help of the various teams and we are so happy to be able to give back a little bit with her sister Charlotte's birthday."

- Julie, Charlotte & Penelope's mom