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Effective Nov. 1, 2023, clients and families, visitors, vendors and staff are required to wear a mask while moving throughout the hospital, including while in elevators, in spaces where clients receive care or participate in research. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.

Genuine and two children

Celebrate Love at Mid-Autumn with mooncakes in support of Holland Bloorview

This year Fête Chinoise are directing all proceeds from their Love at Mid-Autumn fundraiser to Holland Bloorview.

Miles and his family are not only dedicated fundraisers for Capes for Kids, but they also have the support of the Fête Chinoise community behind them as they contribute to Holland Bloorview through Love at Mid-Autumn.

Fête Chinoise is an organization committed to celebrating Chinese-Canadian culture and philanthropy. Their mission involves empowering individuals to deepen their connection to their heritage through community events, storytelling, brand collaborations, and art.

This year Miles' father, Genuine, is the co-chair of Love at Mid-Autumn, an annual Fête Chinoise fundraiser. Because of the family’s strong connection to Holland Bloorview, this year they have decided to direct the proceeds from Love at Mid-Autumn to the hospital.

Miles has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and recently graduated from the Bloorview School Authority (BSA). The BSA is a big reason the family is such an advocate of Holland Bloorview. As a student at the BSA, Miles was able to attend school and receive his treatments as a normal part of his day. “We were incredibly grateful for this," expressed Genuine.

When Miles' parents learned of his diagnosis before he was born, discovering the resources and care available at Holland Bloorview provided Genuine and Leanne (Miles' mom) with the assurance that they would have support in caring for their son.

“We quickly realized what a wonderful place [Holland Bloorview] is. We know that we are well taken care of physically and emotionally. There is such a strong culture of acceptance, accepting people with all sorts of needs. We felt it strongly, from the moment we started going to Bloorview.”

The Lam family's connection to the hospital goes beyond the treatments and services they've received. They have given back to the hospital in many ways, and continued to advocate for accessibility and disability inclusion throughout the wider community.

“This whole event with Fête Chinoise comes from such a place of gratitude,” Genuine explained. “So many people use this service and this hospital. And we hope that we can continue to break certain stigmas around disability, especially in the Chinese community, and continue to have support from our cultural community and continue to bless other people who need this service though donations and awareness.”

Celebrating Mid-Autumn with Fête Chinoise and the Lam Family

Love at Mid-Autumn represents Fête Chinoise's annual fall campaign. Each year, in honor of the Mid-Autumn festival, the organization offers special edition mooncake gift sets, with proceeds supporting a charitable cause.

The mooncake tradition holds deep roots for Genuine, who grew up celebrating the holiday in Hong Kong. While the celebration of Mid-Autumn might be unfamiliar to many Chinese-Canadians, Genuine is delighted that Fête Chinoise has reintroduced it. This tradition holds personal significance for him, and he's enthusiastic about sharing it with his family and the next generation.

As Miles turns seven, Genuine says that he’s beginning to enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival for more than just the mooncakes. To engage the community and give children the chance to create lasting memories of this tradition, Fête Chinoise organized a lantern-making event for families. The Lam family attended, and Miles had a wonderful time crafting lanterns with his parents.

“There are so many different type of lantern designs out there and they all represent something. Some of it is more traditional, some are more trendy, and some are just what the kids like. But the idea of lighting the lanterns and passing the torch and the light around is something that we do every year,” Genuine explained.

The Mid-Autumn festival is a time cherished by families. It's an occasion to gather, reunite, share meals, and, of course, savour mooncakes.

Speaking of, these days most families purchase their mooncakes and the variety is astounding! From traditional lotus paste and egg yolk cakes to innovative frozen desserts. Genuine says he’s most excited to try all the different cakes. At his family’s gathering, “everyone brings a box, a different kind, and we cut them up and share together and taste new ones.”

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