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Transitions to Adulthood

We support the journey into adulthood for kids with disabilities.

subway transitions

Holland Bloorview’s Transitions Strategy will improve youth preparedness and planning, reduce barriers, change attitudes and close gaps, so that youth with disabilities can access more opportunities with greater confidence.  Example of services offered:

  • Bridging to Adult services partnering programs

  • Employment Participation

  • Life Skills coaching

  • LIFE span Clinic

  • Occupational Therapy Consults

  • Post-secondary school support service

  • Transition Pop ups

  • Youth Engagement – facilitators, mentors, leaders,  advisory council

OnTrack Transition Navigation Clinic

Are you looking for support to navigate resources for the transition-to-adulthood? 

The OnTrack Transition Navigation Clinic partners with a healthcare student who is trained in resource navigation and the transition-to-adulthood. They help clients to identify priorities, search for resources, take action, and plan next steps. Practice skills that can help you in future resource finding and adult healthcare interactions.

More details are available in the FAQ flyer below.

Transitions Pop-Ups

Transitions Pop-Ups are group events that help teenaged clients and/or families prepare for the transition-to-adulthood! They are always co-hosted by Holland Bloorview and an adult agency to make gradual introductions to new service providers.

The events are about different topics like:

  • Physical and mental wellbeing
  • Funding
  • Housing
  • Activities for after high school


Please see below for Eventbrite links to register for upcoming Transition Pop-Ups.

Transitions to Adulthood: Is your child ready? 

We're doing an online survey study for parents of Holland Bloorview clients to find out! See if you qualify, here:

More information is available in the flyer below.