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Contact a social worker

Most programs at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital have a social worker available to help. Ask any member of your health-care team to refer you to a social worker. You can also contact the social worker for your program area directly and ask to be referred. Below is a list of social workers, the team or program they are assigned to, and their extensions.

Call 416-425-6220 or 1-800-363-2440 then dial an extension on the contact list:

Name Team(s) Days Working Ext
Andrea DrappelCommunication, Learning and Behaviour Team (Child Development Program)Monday-Thursday 6326 
Anna Marie BatelaanBrain Injury Rehabilitation Team (BIRT)Monday-Friday6353
Barbara Fishbein-Germon  Neuromotor (Child Development Program)Monday-Friday3584
Chandni DesaiCommunication, Learning and Behaviour Team (CLB)Tuesday-Fridays or Monday-Thursdays3213
Dagmara UrbanowiczComplex Continuing Care (CCC)Monday-Thursday6254
Gabriella CarafaSpecialized Orthopedic & Developmental Rehab (SODR)Casual3961
Jennifer PintoSpina Bifida/Spinal Cord Injury Outpatient TeamThursday and Friday3585
Kathy GravelBrain Injury Rehabilitation Team (BIRT)Monday-Friday6402
Kimberly EvansSpecialized Orthopedic & Developmental Rehab (SODR)Monday-Friday3236
Meghan ToswellGet Up and Go: Persistent Pediatric Pain Service (SODR) and Complex Continuing Care (CCC)Monday-Friday3106
Melissa JosephGet Up and Go: Persistent Pediatric Pain Service (SODR)Monday, Tuesday and Thursday3562
Nadine Sunarich


(Child Development Program)
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning3543
Penny SparlingNeuromuscular Team (Child Development Program)

Half days: Monday and Tuesday

Full days: Wednesday and Thursday
Robin HermolinCommunication, Learning and Behaviour Team (CLB)Monday-Thursday and alternating Fridays3605
Sue OsborneSpecialized Orthopedic & Developmental Rehab (SODR)Monday-Friday3714
Tess BardikoffBrain Injury Rehab Team (BIRT) and Persistent Concussion ClinicMonday-Friday3136
Toni LuiComplex Continuing Care (CCC) and Bloorview Research Institute (BRI)Casual  6521
Yael DiamondBrain Injury Rehab Team (BIRT)Monday-Friday6077