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We offer a variety of group programs within the community and hospital.


Groups include:

  • introductory life skills development
  • residential independent living
  • transit training
  • integrated camping
  • friendship development
  • recreation participation
  • employment and volunteering activities

Upcoming Events

Virtual Hangouts 

Great opportunity to meet new youth and try out a virtual social recreation experience. Games are easy and fun.
Participate in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Program access via Zoom.
*See flyer below for more information and registration details


Summer 2021

Our service is currently undergoing revisions to our intake process. We now have one point of entry for our clients and families (summer programs and year round services.) We are working to increase access to our services to meet client demand. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and our shift to virtual programming in 2020, we may have limited capacity in summer 2021.

Joining Group Programs

Participants will be recommended for group programs depending on their identified goal area. Some of our programs do have costs or fees associated with them. For information about funding support, please contact the Family Resource Centre at

Cancellation policy

Details around cancellation dates will be provided at time of group enrollment. Notification of withdrawal is required at least two weeks before the program starts and an administrative fee of $50 will be applied. If notification is not given within the appropriate time period, the full program fee will be charged.

When accepted to a program, the TRLS staff will work with clients and families to make sure their identified support needs are met. However when all possible avenues have been exhausted, it may be determined that we are unable to meet the participant’s needs and program participation cannot continue. Any decision like this will be made in collaboration with the family, client, program staff and manager.