Indoor Walking Route

DISTANCE: 2.0km | Time: approximately 30-40 minutes

*** Please note: 5th & 4th floors may be locked after hours and all stairwells are locked at 9pm! ***

  1. Start at 5E, outside 5E180

  2. Walk across the bridge and enter 5W

  3. Turn left past the elevators, then right past Foundation, Finance and Information Systems

  4. Exit down the stairwell in front of 5W100, then exit on 4W

  5. Turn right and walk down the Research hallway

  6. Turn right at the end of the hallway, walk down the small hallway, and turn right down the back hallway. You will pass OACRS, Communication and Writing Aids, and finally Teaching and Learning

  7. Turn left at the end of the hallway before the elevators

  8. Walk across the bridge to 4E and down the stairs on the left side of the hallway

  9. Go down the stairs to level 2 and exit on to 2E

  10. Walk across bridge to 2W (clinic wait area)

  11. Turn left, walk down the hallway

  12. Walk down the second small hallway (on the right hand side), turn right and walk down back hallway

  13. Turn right towards 2W registration (before the clinic rooms)

  14. Turn left and go down stairs by the doors to clinic

  15. Exit on 1W, behind school/cafeteria

  16. Walk straight ahead and turn right into the cafeteria

  17. Walk through the cafeteria, turn right to enter the front lobby and walk past the pool view area

  18. In the hallway with the pool view, there will be a stairwell on the left. Walk down the 1E stairwell to level 0 in front of the staff fitness centre

  19. Open the door to the right of the fitness centre and walk down and around the back hallway

  20. Turn left and walk towards the loading dock

  21. Before the loading dock, go through the large beige door on the left and immediately turn right

  22. Walk down hallway towards the therapeutic gym. You will pass the main elevators.

  23. Walk down the small hallway, then turn right down back hallway, passing Building Services

  24. Turn right in front 0W365 down the hallway

  25. Turn left at hallway and walk back towards the large beige door you entered from, and then back down the hallway toward the fitness centre

  26. Continue the above route in reverse back up to level 5

  27. You should enter on level 5, by 5W100

  28. Turn left towards Foundation

  29. Do 3 loops around Foundation and Information Systems. Finish off walking across bridge and stopping outside 5E180

Can you find these landmarks on the route?

  • Large wooden spheres (they look like chocolate oranges!)

  • Fish tank

  • Screen Play (interactive screen for clients)

  • Family Resource Centre

  • Ronald McDonald Playroom

  • LEGO mural installation

  • Foundation photo wall

  • Therapeutic recreation resource bulletin

Last updated December 2017