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Please note, masking is still mandatory at Holland Bloorview. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


Faculty development events

The Teaching and Learning Institute holds faculty development events throughout the year.

Best Practice in Education Rounds

Holland Bloorview participates in the Best Practice in Education Rounds (B.P.E.R.) via video-cast. The Centre for Faculty Development and The Wilson Centre co-sponsor and organize B.P.E.R.

Presentations originate from St. Michael's Hospital and are video-cast to various GTA locations. Audience members at other healthcare facilities include physicians, clinicians, researchers and educators. Staff, students and trainees of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital are welcome to attend.


Teaching for Learning and Collaboration (TLC) Workshop Series

Teaching for Learning and Collaboration (TLC) is a series of modular workshops created by educators at the Centre for Faculty Development. The sessions are designed to offer clinical teachers the opportunity to share their teaching experiences and build their teaching skills and abilities together. Participants are welcome to attend any one or all of the following modules:

  • Setting the Educational Climate
  • Identifying Needs and Setting Objectives
  • Making Learning Stick
  • Managing the Teaching Session and Small Group Facilitation
  • Checking in
  • Feedback

The modules are offered here at Holland Bloorview. Please contact Teaching and Learning for the current schedule. The modules are also offered at the Centre for Faculty Development and the schedule and registration can be accessed through their website.


Accessible Resource for Teaching (ART) On-line Resource Link

The Accessible Resource for Teaching (ART) is an online faculty development resource that was developed by a project team at the Centre for Faculty Development consisting of faculty developers and students.The goal of ART is to bring faculty development to the teaching practice through the use of short, focused modules.Each module focuses on a particular teaching and learning topic that can be applied in the teaching context and practice, and incorporates a teaching video, reflection questions and resources and is designed to be completed within about 15 minutes. The intent is to provide effective faculty development for busy teachers that can be accessed by individuals whenever they wish, but as importantly, can also be utilized by groups of teachers who are already coming together as a group, whether it be for committee meetings or clinical based meetings.

Topics include:

  • Providing effective feedback
  • Small group facilitation
  • Digital professionalism and privacy
  • Effective role modeling

ART is a free, on-line resource that can be accessed through the CFD website. Please contact Darlene Hubley at if you would like support to use ART with a small discussion group in your clinical or professional area.