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Erin Dowds MAECS, ECE

Erin is currently working as a Research Coordinator with the Autism Research Centre at Holland Bloorview. Her main focus is the Social ABCs for Toddlers with Suspected Autism study. This work is looking to learn whether the Social ABCs is helpful in improving language development, and the sharing of positive emotions in toddlers with suspected Autism. Through in-home visits, Erin works to coach parents in learning the Social ABCs strategies.

Erin has been working with very young and school aged children on the autism spectrum for the past 15 years and learns something new everyday! Erin has her Master’s in Early Childhood Studies from Ryerson University in Toronto, and previously worked in various clinical community settings providing early intervention and early learning opportunities. Erin has trained under Dr. Jessica Brian in Pivotal Response Treatment for the past 4 years and hopes to continue to immerse herself in the world of very early intervention in autism for years to come.