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CONNECT Lab - Our Team

CONNECT Lab team


Dr. Deryk Beal


Jeeruishan Chittaranjan

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Michel Belyk

Graduate Students

Stephanie Cheung

Carly Cermak

Leticia Ribeiro

Undergraduate and Clinical Students

Haider Al-Tahran

4th year, Honours Psychology, York University
Research activities: Developing an app to support stuttering therapy

Michael De Biasio

3rd year, Engineering Science, Ward Summer Student, University of Toronto
Research activities: Using diffusion kurtosis imaging to study white matter tracts in persons with persistent developmental stuttering and exploring the use of tDCs on the cognitive function in adults.

Past students

Masters Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Kristen Thompson
  • Anson Sathaseevan
  • Garima Shah
  • Alissa Varlamova
  • Diana Varyvoda
  • Braxton Murphy
  • Nicolas Iuorio
  • Amanda Martino
  • Hilary Sweatman