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ARC - The Anxiety Meter

Children with autism are at an increased risk for experiencing impairing anxiety symptoms. Yet, treatments for anxiety in autism are very limited. To address this important health issue, Drs. Azadeh Kushki and Evdokia Anagnostou in the Autism Research Centre at Holland Bloorview’s research institute have developed the Anxiety Meter to detect states of anxiety in children and youth with autism to empower self-awareness of anxiety and improve health outcomes. 

The Anxiety Meter is an app that measures heart rate and converts it into a visual representation of a person’s anxiety level. Children and youth with autism and their families can use the app to track changes in heart rate based on interactive screen graphics. The app wirelessly connects to wearable sensors. Check out our Anxiety Meter Fact Sheet for full details.

The innovative technology was developed with the intent to complement behavioural therapy in autism by improving self-awareness for children and youth that experience anxiety and giving them the tools to identify and manage symptoms as they occur.

Hear from a family that has used the Anxiety Meter by watching this video!

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Holland Bloorview is grateful to the following key partners for their financial and resource support: Ontario Brain Institute (OBI), POND network, TD Bank Group (TD), Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN), Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (TIAP), Samsung Canada, and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)

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