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Cristina Malana

Cristina Malana

Media Support Coordinator, Horizon Media

Cristina is currently a Media Support Coordinator at Horizon Media. Before securing a permanent position, she spent a few months working in the financial sector. Cristina has an Advanced Diploma in Marketing from George Brown College, and a BComm in Marketing Management, Psychology Minor from Ryerson University. Having lived at Holland Bloorview as an inpatient after having a stroke in grade 11, outpatient for more than 3 years, a current volunteer for more than 5 years, and a casual employee, I offer great insights on the intricacies of childhood disabilities and life after rehab. The community has been a vital motivation for me while I was in rehab. Having the Alumni Network helps bridge the gap between pediatric and adult living, which will help clients prepare for what’s next.

Join the HB Alumni Network

Join me in the Youth Leader group in the HBAlumni Network. I’ll be there to welcome you.