MedEvac Canada


A little about you:

MedEvac Canada was established in 2004 and our terminal is based in Mississauga, Ontario, near the Pearson Airport. MedEvac Canada has been providing Air and Ground patient transfer services worldwide. We bring Canadians home and provide bed to bed service. Our ground operations team provides services all over Canada and the USA.  

How did you give?

MedEvac Canada is honoured to provide charitable transportation services to Holland Bloorview. Our team provides medical transfers using our ground ambulances to children being treated at Holland Bloorview. 

Why Holland Bloorview?

One of the owners of the company was a former patient at Holland Bloorview back in 2001. He personally saw the passion and love from all the employees and volunteers at Holland Bloorview. While we contribute to other charities as well, Holland Bloorview is closest to our heart. 

What do you want your donation to do?

We understand the financial challenges families face when they have a family member who may be physically or mentally challenged. Our small contribution to these families helps them stay focused on what’s important and puts a smile on the child’s face when they get to go home. 

You love Holland Bloorview because:

Children’s health is so most important as they are our future. The employees, management, and volunteers are so passionate that you can experience it within seconds of looking at them. The level of service and patient is parallel to none. We at MedEvac Canada can only try to mimic the magic at Holland Bloorview.