Holland Bloorview Pays Tribute to Janis Rotman

Later this year, Holland Bloorview will rename its reception hall the “Janis Rotman Reception Hall” in honour of her long-time support of the hospital that extends well over a decade. 

To many staff, volunteers, and families, she’ll always be “Aunty Janis.” 

“When I learned that the reception hall would bear my name, I was speechless,” said Janis. “This is an incredible honour that Holland Bloorview has given me. I’m grateful and truly appreciative. Every time I enter this special place, I will have a moment when I glance up at the wall.”

In addition to the entrance way, Janis’ support can be found all over the hospital. Through the years, Janis has supported programs such as the Spiral Garden, the drum circle, the Family Support Fund, music therapy, and autism research. 

When asked if she had a favourite, she paused. “Choosing my favourite would be too difficult,” she said. “Each has brought me a sense of pride and fulfillment.” 

Regardless of the program or service, she’s loved being a part of bringing a concept to life. “Working on an idea, refining the plan, and seeing the results is an incredible experience each time,” she said. 

She most recently made an extraordinary $1 million pledge in support of the Bloorview Research Institute’s quest to acquire a fully accessible child-friendly MRI as part of its growth strategy.  

“Brain research is vital in improving the quality of health care for all,” said Janis. “This knowledge will better the lives of everyone from infants to the elderly.”

Janis’ family (well-known philanthropists, Joseph and Sandra Rotman) have also been involved in brain research, including supporting Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute and the Ontario Brain Institute, which is working with the Bloorview Research Institute on two joint research projects.

Janis easily remembers when she first became connected with the hospital.

“As soon as I became involved with Holland Bloorview, I was impressed,” she said. “Every time I’ve made a donation, I was extremely pleased on how my funds were managed – so thoughtfully and so efficiently. It’s always a pleasure to work with their team of devoted staff.” 

Now with this hall naming, it’s Holland Bloorview who’s proud to recognize Janis’ devotion. 

“I can’t think of a more important place to support,” said Janis. “To me, there is nothing more crucial than helping children in need. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously.”

“I encourage everyone to consider helping Holland Bloorview in any way they can,” she continued. “I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous excellent charitable organizations. My relationship here has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying.”