Amy is a Holland Bloorview mom whose life changed when her daughter Victoria was diagnosed with spastic diplegia, a type of cerebral palsy.

Please make a special Mother's Day donation today.

So many children like Victoria are on the cusp of making huge leaps forward. And their moms are finding a community of support in other families who share their experiences.

Families are counting on you! Your gift today will provide life-changing care for children with disabilities, and their families.

Messages of Support to Holland Bloorview Moms

"You are enough! You are amazing." – The McIntyre family

"You are resilient, courageous and compassionate. You are doing the world’s most important job – being a mom. Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day." - Lindsey

"Someone once told me, that a mother is the best friend you'll ever have. Remember that you are fierce. In the hardest of moments or on the brightest of days, we're right by your side." – Michelle

"Your children know love and strength because of you. You are the best of the best. Happy Mother's Day!" – Erin

"As a Holland Bloorview mom you are working extra hard every day. You are not only doing all the regular (hard & great) mom stuff but you're also courageous, strong, resilient and a force! From me and my family to you: Happy Mothers Day!" - Julia

"Having a child with a disability will bring you more joy and pride than you can imagine! Our son,Max, has CP. We worried so much in his early years. Now he's 14 and loving life! His disability doesn't stop him from doing ANYTHING he wants to do. Know this Mother's Day that you are wonderful and that this will be a thrilling ride!" – Melody

"Motherhood is a tough job and you are among the very best. On this day, we celebrate you, through all the joys and all the sorrows, for all you do and for the wonderful person you are. Happy Mother's Day!" – Claire

"Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms at Holland Bloorview! As you navigate your own family’s journey, please remember that everyone at the hospital is behind you 100% to help you reach your goals." – Lydia

"Happy Mother's Day to our extraordinary Holland Bloorview and Bloorview School moms. Your strength and collaborative voices are precious assets in the lives of our children and organization." - Sara

“I'm a pediatrician, but I'm also the proud sister of an amazing woman who has devoted the last 18 years to ensuring that her children have every opportunity possible to achieve their goals. This includes working closely with the wonderful staff at Holland Bloorview who have done so much for my nephew Mark over the years. Thank you!” - Catherine

"Moms are amazing. Thank you for all that you do in every corner of your busy lives. Hope you can take time to celebrate yourself surrounded by loved ones" - Stewart

"Mother's Day should be every day; celebrating one of life's hardest jobs. Thinking of all the moms out there for how amazing they are!" - Alexandra

"A big thank you to all the wonderful and dedicated mothers! You are amazing!" - Emily

"You are absolutely amazing - strong, caring, and loyal! Make sure you take some time out for yourself whenever you can because you so deserve it!" - Amy

"You Mom's are the true heroes! Everything you do from bathing to feeding to advocating to being a chauffeur to caring for other members of your family is so different and more difficult than the average Mom! The big sacrifices like giving up your career...we see you, we love you for fighting for your child! Happy Mother's Day Hero!” - Debbie

"Courage is found within a mother’s love and protection of their child. To sacrifice our own needs to ensure our child comes first isn’t the easiest to do these days." - Brandi

"All mothers are special as are all children. I admire your courage and sigh you a very happy Mother's Day." - Karen

"You are all my heroes! You are recognized for your devotion, commended for your selflessness, and revered for your unconditional love. You are celebrated! Happy Mother's Day! A special acknowledgement to my amazing sister, Jen, who is truly my superhero, and a super mom!!" - Susan

"All Happy Super Mom's Day. It takes super courage and relentlessness to plan ahead while aiming to excel everyday on what you can do today to help your child develop and learn as much as possible to be more independent everyday." - Elizabeth

"Happy Mother's Day to all Moms who love and nurture their children every day!" – Anonymous