Lemonade for Possibility

Hosting a lemonade stand is a simple and fun way to raise money to help create a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities. We provide the kit and you just add your own personal touch and a smile, of course.

Lemonade For Possibility was created thanks to inspiration from a young girl named Gabrielle. She came up with the name and hosted her very own lemonade stand bringing in much appreciated funds for Holland Bloorview. She loves the idea of sharing her plan with other kids, families or companies in the hopes that they will join in and host their own stand!

Fundraisers can register their booth online and raise an initial $30 prior to the date of their stand. The $30 fundraising minimum will guarantee their receipt of their lemonade in a box kit. This kit will be couriered to houses or picked up at the hospital.

How It Works

1. Register your lemonade stand!

Click here to register today! A minimum donation of $30 is required upon registration. We are so excited to send you everything you need to make your lemonade stand the best stand ever! Your kit will include:

  • Holland Bloorview branded apron
  • Tablecloth 
  • Holland Bloorview branded balloons (please let us know if you have a latex allergy)
    Poster to personalize with the your name
  • Holland Bloorview sticker to place on a bucket or box to collect your donations 

2. Set your fundraising goal and choose a date, time and location for your lemonade stand.

Once we have all of this information, we will connect with you to determine the best way to get all of your goodies to you!

3. Make a quick trip to the store to purchase your lemonade ingredients and some cups.

4. It's the day of your stand - time for set up! You are making a huge difference!

Don't forget to display your balloons, posters and wear your new apron so everyone knows what their donation is supporting. Be sure to have some offline pledge forms handy in case someone wants to make a donation over $15.00 and would like a tax receipt! You can find this form when you login into your personal fundraising page.

5. Submit your donations.

All donations can be submitted online with a credit card or can be sent in the mail (cheque) or dropped off at the foundation office. We would love to meet you and hear about the success of your lemonade stand so please come by and say hello!

If you would like to send in your donations, please send to:
Attention: Lemonade for Possibility
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation
150 Kilgour Rd.
Toronto, ON M4G 1R8

Don't forget to include your contact information so we can send you a certificate of appreciation for your hard work!

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital!

Questions? Please contact Natalie at nselfe@hollandbloorview.ca or Paige at pcunningham@hollandbloorview.ca  tel. 416-425-6220 ext. 6037

Gabrielle’s Story - Young fundraiser uses lemonade to change lives

Twelve-year-old Gabrielle is hoping it’s a scorching hot sunny day on June 26. 

Sweltering temperatures and blazing sunshine would be ideal conditions for selling lemonade. 

And Gabrielle knows that every cool refreshing glass sold will help kids with disabilities. 

Though she’s just finished Grade 7, Gabrielle is a seasoned and savvy fundraiser. 

She’s been raising funds for Holland Bloorview through lemonade stands since she was in Grade 4.  

That was when she first took swimming lessons at the hospital’s pool. 

When not perfecting her front crawl or backstroke, she took a little time to look around the hospital and she was inspired by what she saw. 

“I read about the work it was doing and I wanted to get more involved,” she said. “I think it’s a great facility for children, and there are incredible people here.”

She dug a little deeper and learned about the hospital’s promising research, like the work of Dr. Tom Chau and his development of the Hummer switch. 

This exciting new technology picks up on humming in children who cannot speak, and translates the vibration of their vocal cords into typing letters on a computer.

“He’s giving kids with disabilities a voice,” said Gabrielle. 

And that’s when Lemonade for Possibility was born. 

“Although I can’t do work like this and invent devices, I can help by fundraising for these children,” she said. 

On June 26, Gabrielle will set up her lemonade stand in a small park, right next to a subway station entrance.

She plans on having two shifts to catch the morning and afternoon rush hour commuters. 

And she won’t be alone. Serving lemonade and cookies beside her will be her family, including her younger siblings. (She has to keep an eye on her younger twin brothers, as they tend to eat the cookies, she noted.)

While raising funds for Holland Bloorview is important, so too is just raising awareness about Holland Bloorview and about childhood disability, she said. 

It’s so easy to start that conversation over a cold beverage. 

While her stand will take up a small space in a park, Gabrielle envisions Lemonade for Possibility becoming a city-wide event with children hosting stands across Toronto. 

And that’s starting to happen. This summer Holland Bloorview has handed out dozens of Lemonade for Possibility kits and as a result families have already raised more than $3,000. (The target goal is $10,000 by summer’s end.)

The kits include a Holland Bloorview branded apron, balloons, posters and stickers to place on buckets or boxes for donations, as well as a tablecloth. 

She’s hoping other kids will get outside, don an apron and start pouring for a good cause.  

“It’s a great way to change the life of a kid with a disability and give them more opportunities,” said Gabrielle.