Warren's Story

“I’ve gotten a lot of confidence since my concussion.”

Although I’m 17, I’ve had more concussions than many professional athletes – six to be exact.

Five came from playing hockey and one from lacrosse, both at a very competitive level. For most of my concussions, I recovered pretty quickly.

I just took it easy and rested in a dark room. The symptoms usually went away after a week.My concussion from lacrosse left me unconscious. But I felt better after two weeks. And then I had another concussion three months later.

I thought I would recover like before so I started biking again after a few weeks. But I had to stop because I felt so dizzy. The next day, I had a pounding headache.

Every time I tried to stand, the dizziness returned. At times, playing a video game or my phone ringing would trigger a bad headache. I had blurred vision and nausea which led me to feel really anxious.  I just wasn’t getting better.

That’s when I went to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. I was assessed by a concussion expert and saw a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist. My care team made a treatment plan for me. They showed me how to manage my symptoms and how to live my life again.

They gave me back my confidence.

Today, I’m back at school and almost headache-free. I still want to be active, and although I can’t play contact sports, I spend my free time cycling or playing Ultimate Frisbee. I’m also coaching lacrosse and staying connected to the game that way.

It’s not always easy. Thanks to Holland Bloorview, I’m crushing barriers by looking at the bigger picture and focusing on what my future holds.

– Warren, Age 17