Liam's Story

“I work hard every day.”

Liam didn’t take his first steps when he was a baby. In fact, there was a point where I didn’t know if he would ever be able to walk. Liam has Arthrogryposis – a rare condition that causes stiffness in his joints and weakness in his muscles. We brought Liam to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital when he was two years old, and from that moment, everything changed.

For the past three years, our family and Liam have worked with a team of amazing occupational and physical therapists, speech language pathologists and developmental pediatricians at Holland Bloorview.

Liam’s progress has been remarkable – I’ve watched him go from being almost completely immobile to being able to walk on his own. His specially designed walker and braces help keep Liam safe and let him move quickly on his own. We recently took part in a walkathon and he easily covered two kilometres without his walker!

When there’s music, Liam loves to show off his dance moves.  Lately, his therapy has focused on strengthening his arms and hands, including his grip. He’s getting more and more independent, with practical skills like doing up buttons and zippers.

Even more important for Liam is being able to hold his beloved toy trains. He loves taking the train anywhere and dreams of being an engineer.

It’s amazing for me to watch Liam want to try new things. His latest interest is bowling. He’s already started practicing at home.  And he cannot get enough of the water. He loves swimming in Holland Bloorview’s therapeutic pool.

As his physical abilities grow, so too does his self-confidence. He’s more social now than ever and likes to create nicknames for his buddies, including school friends, cousins and his orthotist at Holland Bloorview.  Quite often the topic of conversation turns to trains.

With Holland Bloorview’s support, I know Liam will crush barriers and reach his full potential.

– Allan, Liam’s dad