LEGO® Partnership Stacks Up

Displayed proudly in the hall of Holland Bloorview is a mural that is 60 inches high, 90 inches wide, and made up of a remarkable 54,000 pieces.

That’s how many “LEGO bricks” it took to create this piece of art that is a permanent reminder of Holland Bloorview’s partnership with LEGO Canada.

It’s also a reminder of the two days of smiles, laughter and fun as kids, Holland Bloorview staff and LEGO Canada staff, worked together to bring this mural to life last November.

The Big LEGO® Build

How was it created? Each child (and adult) was given a handful of single LEGO Bricks and matched their pieces with designated colour codes on the mural’s base – the same concept as paint by numbers only using LEGO pieces instead of paint.

“The kids loved it and the parents loved it,” said John Lotenfoe, a Trade Marketing Manager with LEGO Canada.

“We wanted to leave something with the hospital that the kids could see and be inspired by and enjoy for years to come,” added Emilie Stinson, a Lego Canada Brand Manager. 

That impact was also felt by LEGO Canada staff, many of whom visited the hospital for the first time that day.

“A lot of staff live in the neighborhood, but didn’t really know what the hospital was all about,” said Stinson. “They were moved to see such positive things happening in their community.”

Building a Lasting Partnership

The partnership between Holland Bloorview Foundation and LEGO Canada began last year, with the LEGO company donating its famous building materials to the hospital’s Spiral Garden Summer Camp program, giving kids the chance to use their imaginations.

LEGO Canada was also the Menu Sponsor, donating $50,000 to last year’s An Evening of Possibility, Holland Bloorview Foundation’s flagship annual event.

Stinson and Lotenfoe both had their eyes opened to the possibilities for kids with disabilities when they went for a tour of the hospital.

“We were really inspired by this LEGO build that brought joy and creativity to the families at the hospital,” said Stinson. “We are incredibly fortunate as a company to be able to contribute to organizations like Holland Bloorview Foundation that do amazing work to support children in the community surrounding our company’s Canadian office in Toronto.”

“It was really terrific to be on site at the event and truly experience all of the services that Holland Bloorview offers families in the greater Toronto area,” said Lotenfoe. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with them and to support all that they do.”

And LEGO Canada isn’t done. Plans are in the works to piece together two LEGO play stations: one on the main floor play room, and the other in the third floor waiting room area.

Both Stinson and Lotenfoe are excited about these stations raising even more smiles.

When you talk about LEGO building with kids, “you see faces light up, you see eyes get so big, it’s just magical,” said Stinson. “That’s why we were so excited about this partnership.”