Meet the Staff

150 Kilgour Road, Toronto, ON M4G 1R8
Telephone: 416-424-3809
Fax: 416-425-4531
Email: foundation@hollandbloorview.ca

President and CEO's Office

Sandra Hawken
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Kirsti Hamilton
Senior Executive Assistant
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Leadership Giving

Julie Forrest
Director, Philanthropy
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Flora Devarajah
Senior Coordinator, Leadership Gifts 
416-425-6220 x3710
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Christine Hill
Development Officer, Stewardship (On Leave)

Lindsey Hutchison
Manager, Philanthropy
416-425-6220 x 6469
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Sandra Lambert
Manager, Leadership Giving
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Allan Marriage
Senior Development Officer, Philanthropy
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Gregg Wade
Senior Database Administrator
416-425-6220 x6414
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Public Engagement

Sarah Barker
Director, Public Engagement (On mat leave)

Sarah Edwards  
Digital Communications and Engagement Officer
416-425-6220 x7058
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Alison Hughes
Development Officer, Annual Programs
416-425-6220 x3638 
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Erin Johnston
Manager, Public Engagement
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Sean McNeely
Development Writer
416-425-6220 x3852
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Katy Pederson
Manager, Peer to Peer & Special Projects
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Ashleigh Saith
Manager, Annual Programs
416-425-6220 x3774
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Corporate & Community Partnerships

Dayna Bleeman
Director, Corporate & Community Partnerships
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Michelle Char
Senior Coordinator, Community Partnerships
416-425-6220 x6102
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Paige Cunningham
Manager, Community Partnerships
416-425-6220 x6037
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Malinda DenBok
Manager, Corporate Partnerships
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Molly McKeown
Development Officer, Corporate and Community Partnerships
416-425-6220 x7035
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Natalie Selfe
Community Partnerships Intern
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Finance & Administration

Donna Inch
Director, Finance & Administration
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Gisele Guimaraes
Fundraising Assistant
416-425-6220 x6029
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Sussie Mungre
Donor Database Assistant
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Lisa Zhu
416-425-6220 x3773
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Volunteers & Students

Jessica Coriat

Desiree R.

Hailey R.

Sangkhavi K.

Lexin Z.