Organizational Accountability: Accessibility Plan

The focus of the Accessibility Planning Advisory Committee over the past year has been on continuing our training commitments related to Customer Service and ensuring that Holland Bloorview is compliant with Ontario's new Integrated Accessibility Standard focusing on the following areas:

  • Workplace emergency response information
  • Workplace accommodation for applicants and employees
  • Accessible vehicles

We have developed an accessibility policy and related procedures by that govern how we achieve accessibility through meeting the requirements in the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. We are implementing and and maintaining a multi-year accessibility plan that supports the removal of barriers to transportation employment and information and communication.

The Accessibility Planning Advisory Committee reviewed and provided feedback on the Built Environment standard related to Public spaces and recreation trails.

Customer service

Focus Area: Customer Service – Policies Practices and Procedures
Commitment: Ongoing

Planned Actions: Continue to review any new policies, practices and procedures to ensure they reflect the customer service standards such as issues resolution.

Implementation Timeframe:Ongoing

Focus Area: Customer Service – Training Plan Development
Commitment: Ongoing

Planned Actions: Continue to assign all new employees training related to Customer Service using e-learning system and to launch on-line training for Volunteers to replace in-class training.

Implementation Timeframe:Ongoing and January 2014 for volunteer e-learning access.

Workplace Emergency Response Information

Commitment: Ongoing

Planned Actions:

Ensure that emergency procedures made available to the public are available in an accessible format upon request.

Review and communicate individualized emergency response information for employees.

Implementation Timeframe: By January 1, 2014

Employment - Workplace Accommodation

Commitment: Ongoing

Planned Actions: Review and implement workplace accommodation procedures, documentation and communication for applicants and employees related to: Recruitment, Assessment, Selection, Notification, Informing, Communication, Accommodation plans, Return to Work, Performance Management, Career Development and Redeployment

Implementation Timeframe:By January 1, 2014

Transportation – Accessible Vehicle

Commitment: Ongoing

Planned Actions:
Review and ensure current patient transportation vehicles meet the accessibility standards.

Review contracting for taxi services to ensure availability of accessible transportation.

Implementation Timeframe:By January 1, 2014