Meet Nicholas
Constable Joe McDougall’s son, Nicholas, has spent
20 of his 23 years at Holland Bloorview.

Meet Matthew
In January, twelve-year-old Matthew tried to read a
flyer on a bulletin board. He tried to focus but
something was wrong.


Meet Jacqueline
While her confidence at school is set to soar,
Jacqueline’s confidence in herself is already solid.
“She’s kind, but she also stands up for herself and others."

Meet Eric
"It's time to move from autism awareness to autism acceptance." says Eric's mom, Sharon.

 "It's time to move from autism awareness to autism acceptance."

Meet Gabbie 
It takes her longer to learn and do things like pick up 
a paint brush or kick a ball. These simple activities 
that most kids take for granted are harder for Gabbie 
– but not impossible.

Meet Liam
There was a point where I didn’t know if Liam would 
ever be able to walk.

Meet Alessia
Fifteen-year-old Alessia feels like she’s living in a bubble  
a bubble she can’t wait to burst. 

Meet Cristina
Whether it’s attending university or starting a career,
you can be sure Cristina will make the necessary 
adjustments to succeed. 

Meet Jadine
Sometimes people look at me and
they only see the wheelchair. They don’t see the real person.

Meet Wesley
I remember when Wesley couldn’t roll over, couldn’t
walk, couldn’t move.

Meet Hayden 
“When you navigate around the city as a disabled
person you have to think about things other people
don't think about”

Meet Zach
Zach's always looking for the positive. He has his
down days like any kid with a disability, but 99 per cent
of the time, he’s up for some fun.

Meet Remy
When you have a concussion, you look like you're
fine. But you're not.

Meet Susan
My wish is to live in a society where people with
autism can be understood and accepted.

Meet Payton
At 21 months, I didn't even know if Payton could
say one word.

Meet Amy
Last September was the first time I had spent the
entire day at school in more than two years.

Meet Claire
Claire was born with a small left arm, but that hasn't
stopped her.

Meet Imaani
Imaani might be the only four-year-old with his own

Meet Jason
Last year, I did something that I hadn’t been able
to do for months – I walked by myself.

Meet Joseph
When Joseph said Dad for the first time, it’s a
moment I will never forget.

Meet Warren
Every time I tried to stand, the dizziness returned.

Meet Selina
Selina's parents travelled from Trinidad to Toronto so 
that Selina could receive care at Holland Bloorview.


Meet Fei
Music has turned Fei from a little shy boy into 
a confident young man.