Community Event Ideas

Know that you want to host an event and raise funds for Holland Bloorview but not sure what type of event to host? Take a look at some ideas below to help you get inspired. But remember, the sky is the limit!


Golf, dodgeball, curling or board games. Any sport or game can become an excellent tournament event.

Community Events

You can fundraise by having a bake sale, lemonade stand, garage sale or car wash. You can turn any event into a fundraiser and invite your coworkers, classmates, neighbours and friends to participate.


You can skate, wheel, run, jump or bowl. Turn any fun activity into a fundraising event by asking friends and family to donate.

Special occasions

Ask friends or family to make a donation in lieu of gifts for birthday, graduations or special occasions. You can set up your own fundraising page and collect donations online.

School events

You are never too young to practice philanthropy, compassion and empathy. Consider donating to Holland Bloorview at your next school event.

Donate in the Workplace

Consider encouraging your workplace to sign up for payroll deductions, dress down days or host staff events. Ask your employer if they will match donations made.

  • Community events are planned and organized by caring individuals and groups from communities across the GTA and Ontario who want to support Holland Bloorview.
  • Events can take place any time throughout the year. Seasonal events, such as holiday parties, can be extremely successful. For best results, start your planning as early as possible and spread the word!
  • Organizers choose the most appropriate venue to host their special event. If the venue requires an official letter of endorsement, please contact us at foundation@hollandbloorview.ca.
  • With time, teamwork and fun, you can create a world of possibility for kids with disabilities!