Change for Kids


Change for Kids is back!


Join us on a journey, with a number of Holland Bloorview ambassadors, as they introduce you to the unique areas within the hospital they have experienced, the incredible research and care, and the possibilities that are created every day by donations and innovative healthcare professionals that deliver possibilities to the thousands of Holland Bloorview kids.

Holland Bloorview is committed to helping kids overcome challenges. Each of the incredible stories demonstrates the possibilities that are created for them and by them, challenges every day.  We are proud of these kids and all that Holland Bloorview does to support their journeys.  We invite you to consider the care, technology and programs these kids are part of and to support them as they live their lives to the fullest.

Please visit this page often to learn about our refreshed program, running from December 3, 2014 which is International Day of Persons with Disabilities to February 16, 2015 which is Family Day in Ontario.


For information on how to become a Student Champion or to get your school involved, contact Alison Gittins now by email at agittins@hollandbloorview.ca or by phone at 416-425-6220 ext 3774.


For information on corporate fundraising initiatives, contact Kyla Brierley now by email at kbrierley@hollandbloorview.ca or by phone at 416-424-3814.


Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to creating a world of possibility for kids with disabilities. Participate in Change for Kids and make a difference.