Bradley Nullmeyer

Bradley Nullmeyer was appointed as President of Element Financial Corporation in September of 2012 and will became the CEO of Element Fleet Management Corp., upon the separation of Element Financial into two companies in the fall of 2016.

As co-founder of Newcourt Credit Group in 1984, he had lead responsibility for corporate acquisitions and the development of Newcourt’s major international vendor finance programs and joint ventures. Mr. Nullmeyer served as President of Vendor Finance for CIT USA until 2001 and more recently as Co-CEO of OTEC Research Limited, a Canadian health products research enterprise.

He currently serves as chair of the Audit Committee of the board of directors of Davis + Henderson Corporation, a North American financial services technology firm, and is Vice-Chair, of the board of directors of ECN Capital, a North American commercial finance business. Mr. Nullmeyer also serves as a member of the Board of Element Fleet Management Corp.

He continues to be very active in amateur sports, particularly alpine skiing and community based hockey leagues in Toronto.